Google is a titan of technology with one of the largest codebases in the world. Managing and scaling this amount of code is a monumental task. And while Google doesn’t profess to have all the answers, you can probably learn a thing or two from their journey.

In the first episode of a two-part series, Senior Google Staff Engineers Hyrum Wright and Titus Winters join the Dev Interrupted podcast to discuss lessons learned from programming at Google and to talk about their new book.

Both guests bring a deep understanding of software engineering to the show: Hyrum is semi-famous as…

We all understand that proper data analytics is crucial to the success of an organization. But what if your analytics can do more than help you troubleshoot current problems? Splunk is building a future where data analytics proactively solve problems before they occur.

Data is essential to success and innovation for modern organizations. However, no commercial vendor has an effective single instrument or tool to collect data from all of an organization’s applications.

However, there is an open source framework: OpenTelemetry. …

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At the start of 2020, I was engaged to a petite woman. We’d been together for three years and had a puppy together.

She was also abusive. When the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced lockdowns, I begged her to stop drinking, hoping it would calm the storm inside of her.

It worked for a couple of weeks.

Trigger warning: Descriptions of abuse below

Then one afternoon I found myself sitting on the couch, holding our dog while he licked my tears and blood ran down my neck and arms from where her nails had cut me. …

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“Dems in Disarray” read the headlines. Elected officials from AOC to moderates like Conner Lamb are sniping at each other over the loss of seats, the US Senate is coming down to a runoff in Georgia, and Republicans have won local elections across the country and picked up seats in the US house. Sure, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump — but where is the Democratic wave that was supposed to materialize?

2020 was supposed to be the golden opportunity for Democrats, their version of Ronald Reagan crushing Jimmy Carter in 1980 and sweeping Republicans into power…

President Trump’s path to a reelection victory has narrowed but also solidified. His odds are low(recession, mismanaged pandemic, terribly managed campaign, and a candidate that struggles to stay on message/is an asshole). Still, he has a clear path — and some genuine advantages.

What’s Trump’s path?

The states that are generally considered “battleground” or potential battleground states are mostly state’s Trump won in 2016 but include some states where Republicans are on offense. Trump can afford to lose 36 electoral votes from his 2016 electoral map (see below). Here are the battlegrounds:

The final 2016 electoral map that led to President Trump’s election.
  • WI, MI, AZ, PA, NC, OH, FL: These are 6 states…

In 2020, the Donald Trump administration's horrifying, wanton mismanagement of a deadly global pandemic has led to over 209,500 American deaths (and counting) from COVID-19. More than 7,000 deaths in Georgia. Millions of lost jobs across the United States. 7,444,700 citizens infected and counted. Thousands of Georgia businesses permanently closed and 215,000 jobs have been lost.

With rising rage at the Trump administration’s incompetence and willful disregard for American lives, plus shifting demographic trends, Democrats have an opportunity for the kind of election success that hasn’t been seen across the country since 1980. …

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Something is wrong. Mass media and social media are increasingly polarized, and the problem of fake news is becoming worse. Our elections were disrupted in 2016 by a foreign adversary using social media misinformation tools and today the facts of a debate are different depending on who you talk to, what media they listen to, and what party they’re in.

“An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.”

- Thomas Jefferson

As I watch the beginning of the impeachment trial, I’m struck once again by how polarized we are. Our nation used to have…

Successful politics is all about marketing.

Image Credit: Our Data, Our Selves

Amazon dispatches goods, services, and communications to the market via multiple channels and in return, consumers pay money, provide information and offer their loyalty. Political campaigns are hardly different. A candidate will dispatch promises, preferences and their personality to the voters in exchange for their votes and contributions to the campaign effort.

As the digital world grows exponentially with little sign of slowing down, political campaigns need to keep up with their voters in the same way that Amazon has kept up with their buyers. Amazon uses artificial intelligence (AI) powered recommendations, Prime…

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With the news today that Michael Bloomberg will likely join the already crowded presidential primary field, you might be experiencing billionaire fatigue.

You might be asking: Will one of these guys kindly not run for president?

Will one of them take the millions of dollars that they’re wasting “making their case” to voters for what is highly likely to be an ultimately losing effort, and instead invest in down-ballot races? …

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Starting September 14th, 2019, the second Payment Services Directive went into effect, requiring Strong Customer Authentication (called SCA) across Europe for “customer-initiated” online payments. Enforcement of these regulations varies across countries, banks, and card networks, increasing complexity and blocking payments for online business. While the fragmented application of SCA rules and the numerous nuanced exceptions are causing headaches for businesses across the globe, the requirements are a crucial step forward in requiring secure financial transactions and maintaining customer security.

In today’s modern threat environment, we know that the network perimeter defense strategies of the past no longer meet the needs…

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